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Along with Technology 1st - RepairTech Service Managers and Technicians always follow our "Honest Options" principle. This means the service manager will explain your repair estimate in detail and give you options in three PRIORITIES: ​ Actions that are immediate for safety or to prevent damage Repairs required in no greater than 3,000 miles to prevent a Priority 1 Items due in no greater than 6,000 miles or elective options The Honest Options Program gives you decision information to stay in control and informed. Complete transparency is what you can expect at RepairTech. During the repair we often send images and video needed to see the entire picture.

A True Alternative To The Dealer

OEM dealers rely on the proceeds from the service and parts to profit. Repair activities are a large part (~49%) of their revenue. The increased prices do not pay technicians but rather create “fixed ops” profit. Overhead drives the rates you pay for auto repairs at the dealer. Our experience shows dealers charge at least $15 per hour more and the total cost can be three times that of a similar RepairTech invoice. We choose top-quality parts to save you money. We also buy OEM parts directly from the dealer at a greatly reduced rate as required or desired.

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