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Auto Diagnostics in Kissimmee, FL

Auto Diagnostics in Kissimmee, FL

Your automobile's dashboard has a lot of lights that activate when there is a concern with your car, truck, or SUV. If any of these lights turn on while you are driving, it can be a cause for alarm. Since modern automobiles have more computerized technology and functions than ever before, there can be multiple reasons why a specific dashboard light turns on, making it hard to repair. When it comes to car diagnostics, it is essential to have an expert on your side when one, two, or several of your dashboard lights turn on. We at RepairTech Automotive and DIY in Osceola are those auto repair and auto diagnostic experts. 

What do all the lights on my dashboard mean?

If one or more of your dashboard lights turn on and you are in Kissimmee, FL, or in the nearby area, you can come to RepairTech Automotive and DIY for diagnostics, auto repair, scheduled maintenance, and more. Whether it's for your Acura, Audi, BMW, Buick, or something else, your dashboard lights have universal meanings that span all vehicle makes. Here is a brief explanation of what some of your dashboard lights may mean:

Oil Pressure Light - This light signifies that the oil is not circulating properly through the vehicle's engine. Common reasons for low oil pressure include low oil levels, a worn oil pump, and other worn internal components. Ignoring this light could prove costly. If your oil is low, or internal engine components are not getting the lubrication they need, it could cause catastrophic engine failure.

Tire Pressure Warning Light - This light means that one of your tires is underinflated, or overinflated, and in some modern vehicles, it will also tell you which tire is underinflated, or overinflated. The tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is responsible for this light. It is triggered by sensors placed on each wheel that monitor tire pressure. Since the air inside your tires expands, or contracts with the outside temperature, a cold morning could trigger this light to come on until the air inside is heated. If you are in the 34744-1213 area or nearby, you can come to RepairTech Automotive and DIY to adjust or inspect your tire pressure, and/or your TPMS system.

Engine Temperature Warning - The engine temperature light features a thermometer and when illuminated, indicates that the engine is overheating. This is a serious problem and if this light turns on while driving, pull over immediately. An engine that overheats can often be salvaged, but the longer you drive on an overheated engine, the more damage can be done.

Traction Control Light - The traction control system applies the brakes to limit the wheels from slipping during acceleration. This is most helpful if you are driving in the rain of St. Cloud, Florida or Orlando, Florida. The Traction control light can either signify a problem with the system, or mean that you have deactivated the system through one of the buttons, or controls of the vehicle.

Check Engine Light - The check engine light is one of the most common dashboard warning lights but is also one of the least specific. Some of the common issues that cause the check engine light to turn on are a loose gas cap, a misfire, or a loss of compression. If the light is illuminated and not flashing, you should have it diagnosed as soon as possible. If the light flashes, however, this indicates a very serious problem, and you should stop driving immediately and give RepairTech Automotive and DIY a call at 407-348-3400 . When flashing, you'll likely need a tow truck to bring your vehicle in.

Battery Alert - The battery alert light indicates that the vehicle's charging system isn't functioning properly. There could be a problem with the battery itself, but there could also be a problem with the battery cable, the alternator, the accessory belt, or another electrical fault in the system. If your battery light comes on, you should immediately drive to a safe location. If the battery is not charging, which could be indicated by this light, you don't have long before there is no power.

Washer Fluid Indicator - This light means that you are low on washer fluid and should get a refill as soon as you can. Washer fluid is sold at many big box stores. There is a reservoir under the hood that has an icon similar to the warning light to show you where to fill it. If you have any questions, call RepairTech Automotive and DIY, and we can help.

Warning lights are important for maintaining your vehicle. Often times issues don't have any noticeable symptoms other than the warning light. Many issues require immediate intervention, and if left can cause major, expensive repairs. If one or more of your dashboard lights is on, you can bring your car to RepairTech Automotive and DIY in Kissimmee for an efficient and accurate diagnosis of what the issue with your vehicle is. We can also perform the appropriate services your vehicle needs, such as Diagnostics and Repair or Maintenance Service and Repair.

Other issues, may not present a warning light. You may notice a smell, something leaking, or a loud clunking, grinding, or squealing sound and not have a warning light illuminated. We are experts at diagnosing these as well

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If something is wrong with your vehicle and/or one or more of your dashboard lights turns on, don't hesitate to bring your car into RepairTech Automotive and DIY in Kissimmee today. Our owner Charlie Payne has hired technicians who understand the root causes of your auto issues and who use the latest tools and technology to quickly assess the problem with your vehicle. We've been fixing cars since 1998 have an exceptional star rating based on reviews from 155 customers.

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