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Brake Repair In Kissimmee, FL

Brake Repair in Kissimmee, FL

Brakes are a vital component of every single vehicle. Whether you have disc brakes or drum brakes, they are designed to make your vehicle stop safely to prevent any accidents from happening. They are critical to protecting you as the driver, the passengers in your vehicle, and surrounding cyclists, cars, and pedestrians. We at RepairTech Automotive and DIY specialize in brake repair and also do brake & lamp inspections. We ensure that your vehicle’s braking system and all connected components are working at optimal levels and all signals are working properly.

Signs that you may need your brakes repaired.

Eventually your brakes will need to get serviced and seen by certified technicians to determine if they need to be replaced. Our experienced technicians have extensive knowledge of brake repairs and will provide you the service that your vehicle needs. 

  • Brake pads: Brake pads work with the brake calipers to clamp onto the brake rotors to create friction to slow down your vehicle. Because of the high heat and friction your brake pads experience, it is important to get them replaced between 30,000 and 70,000 miles.
  • Brake shoes: Brake shoes are brakes located on the rear of your vehicle if it has a drum brake system. If you notice that your car is shaking when you brake, there is a noise, or the hand brake does not hold, bring your vehicle into RepairTech Automotive and DIY and we will inspect your brake shoes.
  • Brake rotors: Your brake rotors and brake pads work together to stop your vehicle. Over time, your brake rotors can be damaged or warped from the heat of your brake pads. If you notice that your brakes are squeaky, your car vibrates when you brake, or there are high-pitched screeching sounds, your brake rotors may need to be repaired or replaced.

Your Award Winning Shop for Brake Repair

You can rest easy when you trust your brake repairs to RepairTech Automotive and DIY. Our technicians are equipped with the skills and expertise to address any type of brake repair you require, from the basic to the most extensive procedures. Whether you drive a Toyota, Honda or Ford, our team will service your vehicle’s brakes using the highest standards of precision and accuracy. Along with this, RepairTech Automotive and DIY uses OEM and high-quality aftermarket parts and fluids in every brake repair job. Your brakes are extremely important to ensure your safety, therefore we recommend getting them checked once a year.

Why Choose Us

  • We have excellent reviews based on feedback from hundreds of satisfied customers.
  • Locally veteran-owned NAPA Auto Care Center since 1998
  • Only OEM and OEM-approved parts/components
  • Local Shuttle Service

At RepairTech Automotive and DIY in Kissimmee, FL, we pride ourselves in providing thorough and transparent assessments of the vehicles we service, so don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle in for an inspection today. If you are in the Kissimmee area or nearby, you can give us a call at 407-348-3400 or schedule an appointment with us online!

For a full range of auto repairs in Kissimmee, FL, count on the team of professionals at RepairTech Automotive and DIY.

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